King Fish Crow





About the Band

Formed in the summer of 2011, KingFishCrow is a band comprised of four folks brought together by their mutual love of music. With a strong narrative presence and simple harmonies, the focus is as much about the story and the storytellers as it is about the melody and the beat.

Liz Murphy

Liz has been singing since the day she discovered her voice. Influenced heavily in early childhood by Rodgers & Hammerstein, 90's contemporary Christian music, and her mother's love of piano, she always dreamed of becoming a part the new Partridge Family. Years later, she discovered the world of indie music and her life has never been the same. Luck had it that her brother was in a band and he asked her to sing on a couple tracks. A couple tracks became all tracks, the old band became a new band, and the Partridge dream has, in a way, come true.

James Annala
(Auxiliary Percussion/Melodica)

Jimmy has been scraping together the instruments of creativity since he began writing his own songs. Influenced by the flexibility of great utility infielders in the game of baseball and ambidextrous musicians, he has vowed to be ready when and where he is needed. He has been collaborating with J.P. for five years: beat-boxing, singing and playing melodica, keyboards and bass.

J.P. Murphy

J.P. has been writing songs and performing around the twin cities for almost ten years. Influenced by singer/songwriters and motivated by production and arrangement, he has honed his craft both live and in the studio. For him, the lyrics are as important as the music. This quest led him to earn a creative writing degree and has confirmed his desire to pursue what he is passionate about. You may hear him say, “We are able, so we must.”

Corey B. Toth

Corey has been making electronic music and producing beats since he graduated from IPR with a degree in audio engineering and production. Influenced by Isaac Brock, Damon Albarn, Danger Mouse, and the Rza, he recorded a couple songs for KFC in 2010. A few months later he began going to rehearsals and now he creates beats and plays synth and Theremin in the band. Currently he is also working on starting his own media production company called BoomChu Productions.


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